About Us

Our Brand Story  & Our Promise


Tovique was founded by two like-minded beauty enthusiast. Our main aim to build and maintain our partnered brand's digital presence via social media by connecting to relevant target market and audience with informative content. We believe Beauty Comes in Genderless where we have been promoting our brands to both gender to lower down the graph of typical masculinity mind. With a plan of opening a retain. On 2018, this platform was created with the aim of sourcing authentic beauty products and make it accessible for all beauty junkies. 


We want to connect people with products that their skin loves and become the people's trusted advisor when it comes to beauty. We want to solve the common issues that is existing in the Beauty Market in East Malaysia to provide the best solution for the people - to fall in love with taking care of oneself by using products that really works on their skin. Our 20-hours per day customer service strive to learn about the people's concern and expectation to recommend and advice in the Beauty Section. We want to bring joy to the Bornean and we hope we can build a bridge that is strong enough to aid the people's need and expectation when it comes to beauty in East Malaysia. Going forward, we strive to provide ethical sourcing to ensure the flexibility in terms of pricing.


We believe in the existence of effective beauty products within budget. Due to lack of sources and less in efficiency of courier services in East Malaysia compared to West Malaysia, we strive to build a bridge to connect Bornean with Brands that is not available in local Drug Stores or Resellers in Malaysia, within budget. We are convinced that Beauty is an investment which is a 'want' from oneself instead of from the society. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we aim to continuously remind everyone of their self-value and worth by taking care of themselves and incorporate the moral value of self-love routine in everyday lives. We conduct monthly and festively offerings to our target market to promote self-love (in budget, whilst on Sale) on a daily basis. The brand that were the first to be brought in by Tovique is The Ordinary.


We get high on beauty products! To stay relevant in this fast paced e-commerce industry, we are constantly stalking on social media to look out for latest trends and products to bring into Sabah.


We offer three services to our consumer, namely, self collect own items with no charges, daily Cash on Delivery with our partnered riders across selected areas and reliable Courier with low cost. We ensure our consumer's concern are attended as soon as possible to retain the momentum.​


* To maintain affordable/reasonable and at the same time competitive pricing 

* To guarantee the authenticity of products

* To provide fast and efficient delivery service

* To constantly look out for beauty trends

* To source for more brands and products that are not available in Malaysia’s retail market

* To provide the best and convenience customer experience